Party Hats

Adults and children can make hats to celebrate the coming of a new year. Adult supervision is recommended with younger children.

What You Need:

Construction paper in any color


Confetti, sequins, lace, other decorations



Elastic string


What to Do:

1. Create a triangular shape about 12" tall from the base to the tip on the construction paper then trace again on a second sheet of paper.

2. Cut out the hat.

3. Squirt some glue on the hat.

4. Sprinkle or place confetti, sequins and other decorations on the hat.

5. Let dry.

6. Curve the hat into a cone shape. Tape or staple closed.

7. Staple one end of elastic string to the side of the hat.

8. Try the hat on the child and stretch the elastic under their chin to the other side of the hat.

9. Cut the elastic string, then remove the hat and staple the second end to the hat.

Tip: You can use poster board but it is a lot stiffer and harder to work with. Tape will not hold the poster board together very well.