Fun Poppers

What you need

Toilet tissue roll

Tissue paper


Curling ribbon

Small candies or gifts for inside your popper

What to Do:

1. Cut a piece of tissue paper into a 12-inch square. Lay the toilet tissue roll onto the square. Tape the edge of the tissue paper onto the side of the toilet tissue roll.

2. Roll the toilet tissue roll up in the tissue paper tightly. Secure the ends with tape.

3. You should have three- to four-inches of tissue paper hanging off each end of the toilet tissue roll.

4. Cut two pieces of curling ribbon, each one 12-inches long.

5. Gather the tissue paper on one end and tie it with one piece of ribbon.

6. Fill the popper with small candies or trinkets.

7. Gather the tissue on the other end and tie it off with the remaining ribbon.

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