Bookworm Reading Buddy

What You Need:

Wax paper or newspaper

Table knife

11 Two-inch plastic foam balls

7 Round toothpicks

Acrylic paint

Pipe cleaners (to match the paint colors chosen)


Craft glue

2 18-mm googly eyes

1/2-inch pom-pom

What to Do:

1. Cover the work surface with wax paper or newspaper.

2. Cut four of the foam balls in half with the table knife. Lay the flat side down on the newspaper.

3. Push a toothpick about 1/4-inch into each of the remaining foam balls then push the other end of the toothpick into the foam half balls on the table. This will allow you to paint the whole foam balls without touching them and allow them to dry.

4. Carefully paint each of the whole foam balls. You can paint them each a different color or all the same. Allow to dry completely then pull the toothpicks out to use again later.

5. To form the antennae, fold a pipe cleaner in half and twist the ends into spirals. Then insert the antennae into the top of the ball that will be the head.

6. Glue the eyes and pom-pom nose onto the head. Allow to dry completely.

7. Cut the remaining pipe cleaners in half. Twist the ends together then fold into a 'Z' shape to make the feet. Match the colors of the pipe cleaners to the color of the balls. (You can mix-match them, too.) Insert the end into the bottoms of each foam ball.

8. Dip one end of the toothpick into the glue then stick it into one of the foam balls. Dip the other end of the toothpick into the glue then stick it into another foam ball. Continue until they're all connected. All to dry completely.



• You can hang the bookworm from the ceiling with some fishing line or rest it on a bookself.

• You can create other insects much the same way using a variety of different sized balls, including dragonflies and ants.