Foam Frames

Say cheese! Everyone loves pictures and they will love the pictures even more in a special frame that your kids made for them. Easy and durable, these fun foam frames are sure to be a hit. Use buttons, lace, glitter, markers and more to decorate and personalize the frames.

What You Need:

Fun foam, any color


Tacky glue


What to Do:

1. Cut two frames from the fun foam making sure they are the same size -- squares, rectangles, hearts, etc.

2. Take the frame that is to be the front of the frame and cut out the center, leaving a one-inch border.

3. Decide what is going to be the top, then glue the front to the back, leaving room at the top for the picture to slide in. Allow to dry completely.

4. Decorate the frame with fun foam cut outs, ribbons, lace, buttons, or anything else you might have in your craft box.