Snowman Banner

What You Need:

8 Jumbo craft sticks

Craft paint white, black, red and orange

2 Googly eyes


Small spring clothespin




What to Do:

1. Cover the work surface with newspaper. Paint six of the jumbo craft sticks 2/3 white and 1/3 black. Paint one craft stick all black and one all red. Allow to dry completely.

2. Glue the edges of the six white and black craft sticks together and allow to dry completely.

3. Cut one rounded end of the red craft stick off then lay it across the connected craft sticks. Mark the other end of the red craft stick so that it is flush with the side of the connected craft sticks then cut off the rounded end.

4. Glue the black stick over the line where the black and white paint meet then glue the red stick above it.

5. Glue the googly eyes on the white portion of the sticks then paint an orange nose and a smile with the black paint. Allow to dry completely.

6. Glue the clothespin to the back with the closed end facing down.