Make a Stocking

You can use these stockings as a napkin holder or to put silverware in at each place setting. You can write each family member's name on the stocking as a memento for them to take home and hang on the tree, or save them to use again next year.

What You Need:

Red or green felt

Tacky glue

Stocking pattern, printed out

White marking pencil, if using green felt


What to Do:

1. Print out the pattern. Trace and cut out one stocking onto the felt. If you are using green, or another dark color, use a white marking pencil to trace the stocking.

2. Trace and cut out one strip of felt for the backing. Glue the strip across the back and allow to dry.

3. Trace and cut out the cuff pattern. Glue the cuff to the top of the stocking.

4. Decorate the stocking with glitter or whatever else you might have in the craft box (lace, buttons, ribbons, etc.).