Hot Chili Mini Piñatas

What You Need:

Toilet paper roll



Glue stick

Green tissue paper

Red paper streamer

What to Do:

1. Make a cut along the length of a toilet paper tube, then roll the cardboard into a cone and secure it with tape. (You can use oak tag or cardstock instead.)

2. Roll the cone in green tissue paper leaving a couple inches above the top to create the stem, and tape the tissue paper in place.

3. Remove the cardboard and fill the paper cone with small candies and toys.

4. Tightly twist the top to close and create the chili's stem.

5. For the fringe, accordion-fold a 25-inch length of red paper streamer and cut slits ¼ inch apart along one side, stopping ¼ inch from the edge.

6. Unfold the streamer and place the chili's bottom point at one end of the fringe. Wrap the fringe around the chili in a tight upward spiral, sticking it in place with a glue stick as you go. Trim any excess fringe and allow the glue to dry.

7. At fiesta time, simply tear the tissue paper to open.