Bookends for Dad

What You Need:

Paper mache paste


Wax paper


Paperweight (rock or brick)


Bookend base



What to Do:

1. Prepare the paper mache paste. (Directions below.)

2. Cut or rip the newspaper into 1" strips.

3. Cover the work area with newspaper. Then put a piece of wax paper on top so that your bookend doesn't stick to the newspaper.

4. Put the weight inside the box then seal with tape.

5. Cover the base with three layers of newspaper, trying to keep the layers even. Allow to dry completely.

6. Paint the bookends. Allow to dry completely.

7. Add any embellishments. Allow the glue to dry completely.

8. Cover the entire bookend with a clear varnish.

Paste Recipe

1 cup flour

1 cup water

1. Mix the flour with the water, slowly adding and mixing until you get a smooth, paste like consistency.