Patriotic Windsock

What You Need:

Empty cardboard ice cream or oatmeal container

Construction paper (blue and white)



String or yarn

Crepe paper streamers (red and white)

Hole punch


What to Do:

1. Thoroughly wash the ice cream container, then discard the top and cut out the bottom. Allow to dry completely. For the oatmeal container, discard the top and cut out the bottom.

2. Cut strips of crepe paper streamers and attach them to one end of the container with a stapler.

3. Glue the blue construction paper around the outside of the container. Allow to dry. Then decorate with white stars. It may be easier to decorate the paper before gluing it onto the container.

4. Use the hole punch to make four holes evenly spaced around the top of the windsock. Cut three lengths of string or yarn about 8" long and one about 20" long. Thread the string or yarn through the holes and double knot.

5. Tie all four strands together then use the longer strand to hang from the ceiling. Don't hang outside as the paper will be destroyed in the rain.