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What fun is a web site if it doesn't have any games? I've collected up a bunch of games that I hope you'll have fun playing. Some of the games require Flash so make sure you have that installed before you start playing. All the games have been tested by me for functionality and fun. Enjoy!


Around the World Hangman

Choose between guessing the names of world capitals or countries. When you guess the right answer, you'll also find out a bit more about the coutnry or capital with the 'Fact Sheet'. PLAY


    "You sunk my battleship!" Try to stay afloat as you play this online version of the classic board game. PLAY


    How good is your memory? Find the pairs in this fun version of the classic game of concentration. Race against your parents to see who's faster! PLAY

Find the Words

    Try to locate all 12 words related to a given topic in a 16x16 matrix of letters. PLAY

Math Flash Cards

    Practice your addition, subtraction and multiplication with this online flash cards game. There are four levels of difficulty. PLAY


    Try to leave only one peg by jumping one over another and removing the 'jumped' peg. Sound easy? See how well you can do! PLAY

Same Game

    Clear all the balls from the screen by selecting groups of the same color balls. Be careful, this game is addicting! PLAY

Scrambled Word Game

    Unscramble the letters to create a word from one of six groups: animals, places, things, people, nature, and random. If you're stumped you can get a bit of help. PLAY


    Play the math puzzle game that has been taking the world by storm with three levels of difficulty and your choice of color schemes. PLAY

Topic Tangle

    Try to solve the mystery words before your time runs out. You spin the topics and then unscramble the mystery word which relates to it by dragging the letters into their proper slots. Once solved the topics spin again and again until the round is over. PLAY

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