Graduation Scrapbook

What You Need:

Fun Foam - 1 large sheet


Hole Punch

12" Ribbon

White construction paper (same size as Fun Foam)

Markers, glue, glitter, buttons, lace, etc.

What to Do:

1. Cut the Fun Foam sheet in half. This will be your front and back cover.

2. Cut the white construction paper in half. This will be the sheets of paper in the scrapbook.

3. Mark the placement for the three holes on the Fun Foam covers and the construction paper. Make sure they are aligned.

4. Cut the ribbon into 4" lengths. Run one length of ribbon through each hole and tie in a bow. You can add a drop of super glue to the knot to keep it from coming undone.

5. Decorate the cover. If you use glue, let it dry completely.


Include several sheets of decorative papers and decorations for the page that you think your friend might like.

Decorate one page for your friend with your memories of your time together at school. Include pictures and decorations to make the page standout.