Painted Treat Bag

What you need

Old white pillowcase

Wax paper

Fabric paint

Paint brush


Thin ribbon (about 1 yard)


What to Do:

1. Wash and dry the pillowcase.

2. Layout newspaper.

3. Cut the wax paper so that it fits in the pillowcase. Overlap the pieces and tape them together so that entire inside of the pillowcase is covered.

4. Paint the pillowcase with a Halloween theme using fabric paints. Let dry. If you wish, you can paint the other side once the front is dry.

5. Have Mom or Dad cut a small hole in the pillowcase casing then thread the thin ribbon thru. Tie a knot and hide it in the casing. This will allow you to pull the bag closed and be a shoulder strap. Alternately, Mom or Dad can hot glue gun the ends of the ribbon to the seams at the top of the bag to create a shoulder strap.