Hanging Ghosts

What You Need:

White garbage bag

Black permanent marker

White yarn or ribbon

Leaves or other "soft" filling

What to Do:

1. Cut the garbage bag into 12-inch squares.

2. In the middle of the square make a small hole and slip the yarn or ribbon thru then make a knot to keep it from pulling thru completely. You can help this by "sealing" it with a little bit of glue from a hot glue gun. Only parents should use a hot gun.

3. Draw the eyes and mouth on with the marker.

4. Place a small pile of leaves or other filling on the bag over the face with the face against the work surface. Pull up the corners of the bag until they meet and have an adult loosely tie the yarn or ribbon around the neck area.

5. Finish filling the bag with leaves to create the head. Pull the yarn or ribbon tight to close it and make a double knot to keep it from opening.

6. Hang from trees or bushes or around the house.