Halloween Pumpkin Pinata

What you need

Large balloon

Wax paper


Paint brush


Papier mache glue (recipe)

What to Do:

1. Blow up the balloon as big as you want it to be.

2. Layout the wax paper to cover your work area.

3. Cut short strips of newspaper about 1" wide by 6" long.

4. Make the papier mache glue.

5. Cover the balloon with three or four layers of newspaper to make a pumpkin shape. Roll up some newspaper to create the stem then cover with a few layers of newspaper before attaching it to the pinata.

6. Allow to dry completely.

7. Paint the pumpkin and allow to dry completely.

8. Cut a circle out of the back of the pumpkin and set the circle aside. Pop the balloon if necessary then remove. Fill with candy and small toys.

9. Hang with yarn.

10. Use a stick to break it open while blindfolded.