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Here you will find a wide variety of FREE eBooks and audio books for children that can be downloaded to your computer. Each of these books are in the public domain and can be freely distributed as long as they are in the public domain in your country and no fee is charged for the files. Be sure to check back often to see all the new eBooks as they get added. The eBooks are in PDF format. To be able to view them, please download Adobe Reader here.

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eBooks :: Current


Nancy A. Cavanaugh Photo Books

Birds of Mystic



Flowers of Mystic

Flowers Two

For the Birds

Going Buggy

Magic Wings

Nature Alphabet

Something's Fishy

The Friendly Farm

The Mystic Aquarium



Nancy A. Cavanaugh Books

The Animals of Aesop's Fables


Donna J. Shepherd (website)

Chizzy's Topsy Tale


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eBooks :: Classic



Aesop's Fables


Clement C. Moore

A Visit From St. Nicholas


Sara Cone Bryant

Stories to Tell to Children

Laura Lee Hope

The Story of a Bold Tin Soldier

The Story of a Candy Rabbit

The Story of a Calico Clown

The Story of a Lamb on Wheels


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