Flowery Doorstop

What You Need:

Coffee can with lid


Florist picks or pipe cleaners

Paper or felt (green and other colors for the flowers)

Acrylic paint



What to Do:

1. Paint the outside of the can with acrylic paint. When that it is dry, you can add a special message.

2. Make 3-5 flowers using paper or felt. Glue the flowers onto the florist picks. Add leaves if you wish. (You can skip this step by using silk flowers instead.)

3. Clean the can and allow to dry completely, then fill the can with sand and put the top on.

4. Poke holes in the plastic lid of the coffee can for as many flowers as you have then put the flowers in the holes.


If you donít want to paint the can, cut a piece of construction paper so that it will fit when wrapped around the can. Decorate the paper then wrap it around the can and tape in place.