Scrap Fabric Pencil Holder

What You Need:

Empty can (aluminum or juice container)

White acrylic paint


Fabric scraps


White craft glue


What to Do:

1. Mix equal parts of white craft glue and water in a bowl. The mixture should be the consistency of paint.

2. Paint the can with one coat of white craft paint. Let dry completely.

3. Paint a small amount of glue mixture on the can. Apply a small fabric scrap (about 1-2 inches long) and paint more of the mixture over the top of the fabric. Smooth it out as you go along. Continue to do this while overlapping the fabric scraps until none of the canís surface can be seen.

4. Use the scissors to trim any pieces of fabric that are sticking out above the edge of the can.

5. Let dry completely before using.


If you use a bigger can it can hold kitchen utensils.