Paper Mache Apples

What You Need:


Papier Mache Recipe

Small round balloon

Wax paper


Red paint


Green constuction paper



White Paper


What to Do:

1. Cut the newspaper into thin strips about four inches long.

2. Make the papier mache.

3. Blow up the balloon so it is the size of a large apple (about 3" tall) and close it off.

3. Cover the balloon completely with two layers of newspapers dipped into the papier mache glue. Allow to dry completely on wax paper.

4. Pop the balloon inside with a pin then cover the ball with three or four more layers, making it look more like an apple. Allow to dry completely.

5. Paint the apple red. Allow to dry completely.

6. Cut two leaves from the green construction paper and glue onto the top of the apple.

7. Cut the apple about 1/3 of the way down to create two parts.

8. Cut small strips of paper and write messages of hope on them then place them into the apple and put the two parts back together.