Parental guidance and help may be needed

Milk Box Birdfeeder

What You Need:

Empty quart or smaller milk carton that has been rinsed out

Construction paper (brown, tan or green)

Fake moss (Excelsior)

Artificial flowers and greenery

Little sticks


Tacky glue

Hot glue gun


Little bird

Ribbon or Christmas ornament hanger

What to Do:

1. Staple closed the top of the carton.

2. Choose a color of construction paper, then cut it to cover the top over the roof line, sides and bottom. Glue on with the tacky glue. Cut paper to cover the front and back then glue in place. Draw a hole for the door on the front. Carefully poke a hole into the carton and cut out the hole with scissors.

3. Form the moss to fit one side of the roof. Have a parent glue it into place with a hot glue gun. Continue to do the same with the rest of the roof, back and sides. When you do the front, be sure not to cover up the hole. Do NOT glue any to the bottom.

4. Take the sticks and arrange them on the roof. Cut them to fit if needed. Have a parent hot glue these on the roof. Glue the thickest one on the top of the roof. Take one of the sticks and poke a hole beneath the door, this will be the perch for your bird.

5. Have a parent hot glue the flowers and greenery in place. Try not to use too many, just enough to add color.

6. Have a parent hot glue the bird to the perch or elsewhere on the birdfeeder.

Bagel Birdfeeder

What You Need:

1 one day old bagel



String or ribbon

What to Do:

1. Spread the lard on the bagel.

2. Roll the bagel in birdseed, or place the bagel in a gallon-sized zipper bag that contains the birdseed. Shake the bag to coat the bagel.

3. Tie the ribbon or string through the hole of the bagel and hang the bagel from a tree.

Pinecone Birdfeeder

What You Need:

One large pinecone

Paper plate

Plastic knife

Peanut butter


String or yarn

What to Do:

1. Take the pinecone and cover it with peanut butter with the plastic knife.

2. Pour the bird seed onto the the paper plate.

3. Roll the peanut butter covered pinecone in the birdseed.

4. Tie the string or yarn to the top of the pinecone then hang out for the birds to enjoy.