Chenille Butterflies

Parental guidance and help may be needed

What You Need:

Regular black chenille stem

Bumpy chenille stem, in a variety of colors

Four pom-poms, optional

Wire cutters

Needlenose pliers

Tacky glue, if using pom poms

What to Do:

1. Cut the black chenille stem in half using the wire cutters. Save the other half for a second butterfly. Ask a grown-up for help using the wire cutters.

2. Take a bumpy chenille stem and fold it in half in a V-shape. Fold down one side of the chenille to the base of the V, bend around the V so that the end is pointing up.

3. Bend the chenille down to the base again and bend around the V, forming one side of the butterfly.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the other end. Use the needlenose pliers to hide any sharp ends.

5. Fold the black chenille stem in half. Twist the bent end about 1/2" from the bend. Slide the butterfly in-between the black ends of the chenille stem.

6. Twist the black chenille stem above the butterfly to hold it in place. Separate the ends of the black chenille stem.

7. Bend one end of the black chenille stem over about 1/4". Bend again. Repeat with other end. This makes the antennas.

8. Make several butterflies and hang them with fishing line from a coat hanger or paper plate that has been painted blue with clouds.


Project Ideas:

Bookmark: Create a butterfly as described above. Add a 4" piece of chenille to the bottom of the butterfly to create a bookmark.

Bouquet of Butterflies: Create several butterflies as described above. Add a 4" piece of chenille to the bottom of the butterfly then place them in a vase with or without flowers. (See Flower Pressing and Tissue Paper Flowers for flowers to go with your butterflies.)