Parental guidance and help may be needed

What You Need:

Colored or clear tabbed plastic file folder, letter size (you can make about eight pinwheels from one folder)


Thin line marker



Straight pin

Unsharpened pencil with an eraser


What to Do:

1. Lie the folder out flat. Mark then cut a 4 1/2" square out of the plastic file folder.

2. Place a dime in the center of the square. Trace around it.

3. Cut diagonally from one corner towards the opposite corner. Stop cutting when you reach the circle's edge in the center. Repeat for the other three corners.

4. Take the needle and push it through the very center of the pinwheel, coming from the back of the pinwheel. A grown-up may need to help with this step. Do not push the needle all the way through.

5. Take the right corner of the first section and bed to the center of the pinwheel. Push the needle through it and hold.

6. Take the corner of the next section and bend the right corner to the center. Push the needle through it and hold. Repeat for the other two sections.

7. Remove the needle, carefully holding the sections together. Push the straight pin through the front of the pinwheel completely through the back. A grown-up may need to help with this step.

8. Push the straight pin into the eraser of the pencil, making sure not to push it all the way through. Let the pinwheel loosen up between the corners and the back. Blow on the pinwheel to watch it spin.