Basking Turtles

What you need

1-2 Small paper bowls (can be coated on the inside)


Construction paper



What to Do:

1. Flip the bowl upside down. Draw a turtle shell pattern on it in black then color it in.

2. Cut out a head, two small legs, two large legs and a tail from the construction paper. Draw a face on the turtles head.

3. When the marker has dried, flip the bowl and glue the head, legs and tail in place. Allow to dry completely.

4. Make a log out of brown construction paper and use a black marker to draw bark lines on it. Hang the log on the wall then have your turtle sit on it like Sheldon and his classmates.

5. With the second bowl, turn it upside down and color it yellow to create a sun. You can add a smiling face and orange triangles around the edge for the sun’s rays. When it is dry, hang it above your turtle so it can bask in the sun. You can use construction paper to make your sun, like in the picture.