Toilet Paper Holder Turkey

What You Need:

2 toilet paper tubes

Construction paper -- brown, yellow, red, white and black




Tempera paints or watercolor paints in a fall colors



What to Do:

1. With the pencil trace around the child's hand on one piece of white construction paper. (Note: You may wish to trace larger around the child's hand to make the turkey feathers bigger and also make it easier for the child to cut out.) Cut out the pattern.

2. Paint the hand pattern with different colors of paints. Let the paint dry.

3. Cut one of the toilet paper tubes in half to form two smaller tubes.

4. Cut out brown construction paper big enough to fit around the two toilet paper tubes.

5. Staple the two tubes together, the shorter on top of the longer one then staple the construction paper to the tubes.

6. Cut out a beak and feet out of the yellow construction paper, a gobbler out of red construction paper, and eyes out of white and black construction paper.

7. Attach the eyes, beak, feet, and gobbler to the tubes with glue.

8. Staple the feathers to the back of the tubes when the feathers are dry.