Turkey Toothpick Holder

What You Need:

1 1/2' terracotta pot

Popsicle stick

Tacky glue

Tiny wiggle eyes

Feathers - brown, orange, black (or make some out of foam or paper)

Fun foam or construction paper in black, brown, red, orange

What to Do:

1. Draw a turkey head and neck on the brown paper or foam.

2. Make a little pilgrim hat with the black paper or foam.

3. Glue the head/neck to the popsicle stick, then glue the hat on top.

4. Add wiggle eyes, an orange beak, and red wattle.

5. Attach the head to the pot

6. Glue the popsicle stick to the inside of the pot.

7. Glue some feathers to the back of the pot. You can also use a couple feathers for wings on the side of the pot. Let dry.

8. Fill with toothpicks.