Pilgrim Boy Hat

What You Need:

10x13" Black construction paper

9x12" Gray construction paper


Pen or pencil



What to Do:

1. Cut an oval out of the black construction paper the full size of the paper.

2. Cut a strip of paper to make a band to put around the boy's head, tape it. Put that circle (slightly oval) on the paper to trace the inner circle. Then draw a circle around it. Leave about a 2" brim on 3 sides and about 4" on the "front".

3. Draw the trapezoid, and cut out the gray parts.

4. Cut out a band and band and buckle out of gray paper.

5. Glue the hat band on the hat and then the buckle on top of the band.

6. Bend the hat piece up and try on the child. You may need to adjust the opening to fit the individual child's head.

7. On the underneath side, apply tape to the two points where the hat bends. This will help reinforce the stress point, and hopefully prevent tearing.

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