Pilgrim Girl Hat

What You Need:

12x18" White construction paper



Hole punch


What to Do:

1. Fold the paper lengthwise back 2" to create the front opening. Crease well.

2. Bend, without folding, the hat over the child's head so that the 2 shorter ends meet at each side of the child's jawline.

3. Have the child hold the hat in place. Meanwhile step behind the child and cut a slit about 6" from the end of the paper towards the head. Cut another slit about 6" from the other end in towards the head. Remove from child's head.

4. Bending paper back in same position as if on child's head, fold the middle section down and hold. Fold out the flap that was turned over in step 1.

5. Fold one side over the middle section and glue in place.

6. Fold the other side over the other two sections and glue in place.

7. Fold the front flap over the sections and glue in place. Let dry.

8. On each end, hole punch one hole in the turned over flap.

9. Tie a piece of yarn to each hole.

10. The child then puts the hat on and ties the yarn to hold it on her head.