Pinecone Turkey

What You Need:

Plump pine cones (spherical shaped about 1 1/2"-2" diameter)

1 Red bumpy chenille stem

1 Orange bumpy chenille stem

5-7 other colors of bumpy chenille stems

Glue (craft, wood, or all-purpose that dries clear)

Wire Cutter (parental help may be needed with these)

What to Do:

1. Make sure each pine cone has dried thoroughly.

2. Cut the bumps apart in each chenille wire. Using wire cutters, cut in the center of each place where the wire narrows down--you want the bumps whole and fluffy.

3. Take one red bump and shape into an 'S'. Glue this to the rounded end of the cone with the bump protruding somewhat above the cone for the head of the turkey.

4. Take one orange bump and shape into a 'V'. Glue this under the bottom of the round part of the cone for the legs and feet. The feet can be shaped later. Toes can even be added.

5. Take five to seven other bumps and carefully bend them so the narrow ends can be twisted together leaving the puffy end somewhat rounded. Glue as many of these as nicely fits close to the flatter stemmed end of the pine cone remembering to use glue only on the twisted end of the chenille wire.

6. Let dry and then adjust shaped of chenille wires to make your turkey look more realistic.