Stuffed Mitten Turkey

What You Need:

Mitten (who has lost it's mate)




Tacky glue


2 Wiggle eyes

Gold or yellow felt

Red felt

What to Do:

1. Stuff the mitten using old socks, fabric, or felt scraps. Use a pencil to get the fabric up in the fingers of the mitten. This is the turkey's feathers.

2. Stuff the sock until the stuffing reaches the heel. This is the turkey's head and body.

3. Push the end of the sock up inside the mitten.

4. Bend the stuffed end of the sock so it looks like a head is looking at you.

5. Spread tacky glue on the back side of the turkey body and then push against the palm of the mitten.

6. Cut out the beak and feet out of gold felt, and the wattle out of red.

7. Tacky glue the beak, feet, wattle, and 2 eyes on the turkey. Let dry.