Pillowcase Snowman

What You Need:

One white bed pillowcase


Stocking cap or toboggan hat

Scarf or strip of fabric



Orange felt scrap

Pair of mittens, gloves or similar shapes cut from felt

Thread and a needle (an adult should do this part)

What to Do:

1. Stuff the pillowcase full of fiberfill then sew the opening shut. Whip stitch or glue the hat, covering sewed opening.

2. Tie a scarf around the pillow about 1/3 way down.

3. Sew or glue on button eyes and mouth. Cut a circle of orange felt, slit half way and shape into a cone for a carrot nose (or just use a triangle shape); glue or sew edge of nose to face.

4. Sew buttons down the front. Sew or glue mittens or gloves to the front for the arms.

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