Snowman on a Candy Stick

What You Need:

1 Peppermint candy stick (not a candy cane)

1 sheet black craft foam

1 sheet white craft foam

1 piece of Christmas ribbon

2 inch circle

2 1/2 inch circle

3 inch cirle

Hole puncher



What to Do:

1. Trace circles onto craft foam and cut out. Punch holes in the middle of each circle. You can use a bottle cap, a glass or bowls for your pattern.

2. Draw a top hat (use pattern) onto the black craft foam and cut out. Glue hat to small circle.

3. Punch out black dots with hole punch and glue, like buttons, on the 2" circle, 1/2" from the edge. Glue black dots for eyes and mouth on small circle.

4. Thread large circle then medium circle then the small circle onto the peppermint stick.

5. Tie ribbon between small and medium circle. Leave space between circles. (See above for finished product.)