Waterless Snowglobe

What You Need:

1 plastic bubble container that vending machine toys come in

A can of spray snow

1/2 to 1 inch Christmas ornament

Hot glue gun (to be used by an adult only)

Black spray paint

Paper cup


Ribbon, optional

What to Do:

1. First separate the top and bottom of the plastic container. Spray paint the top (the smallest piece) with black paint. Let dry.

2. Spray snow in paper cup - dip tooth pick into snow mixture and place drops of snow inside the bottom portion of the clear bubble. Note: You can not spray snow directly into bubble - it will not work!

3. Hot glue ornament on the top of the lid.

4. Hot glue the lid inverted to the plastic bubble.

5. You may wish to glue ribbon around the bottom of the globe to add that extra touch!

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