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At you'll find holiday and seasonal crafts, puzzles and other activities for kids ages three to seven years old. The site was created for parents, caregivers and teachers to help keep their kids busy during hectic holidays. The projects and activities found here can be used for free at home, in daycares, preschools, schools, libraries and playgroups.

Almost every craft or activity you'll find here is something the kids can do on their own with maybe a bit of help from you to get started. Most of these crafts can be created with stuff already in the kitchen cabinets, craft box or recycling bin. If supplies are needed they are usually relatively inexpensive.

Many of the projects can be altered so that older kids would be interested in making them as wel. And many of them can be modified to be used on other holidays. I will be adding suggestions for these in the coming months.

We also have several printable activity pages that you can save to your computer then print out to take on trips, when headed to the doctor's, or when you're going out to eat.

I hope that the pages on the site are helpful as you try to get through one busy holiday season after another.


• New crafts for Halloween! Check them out here.

• A new page for activities like coloring pages, puzzles and activity sheets.

• Free online educational and fun games for kids (and parents!) in the Games section.

• Check out some great picture e-books from the virtual library featuring flowers, birds, turtles, aquariums and more.


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