Craft Stick Christmas Tree

What You Need:

Craft sticks - 1 jumbo and 5 regular



Metallic chenille stems

String or magnet

Green and brown paint




What to Do:

1. Cut the round tips off each of the regular sized craft sticks. Cut one stick in half and cut 1" off the end of two other sticks.

2. Paint the jumbo craft stick brown and the regular sized ones green. Allow to dry completely.

3. Glue the branches onto the jumbo stick with the largest two on the bottom then the medium sized ones and the smallest at the top. Allow to dry completely.

4. Glue the sequins on the branches then attach the chenille stem for the tinsel. Form one of the chenille stems into a star and glue to the top of the tree. Allow to dry completely.

5. Tie string to the top of the tree and hang on the tree or in the window. Or you can add a magnet and hang on the fridge.