Sock Snowman

What do you get when you take two baby socks and some ribbon? A snowman! These cute little snowmen make great ornaments. You can make a whole family of sock snowmen by using different sized socks.

What You Need::

White baby sock



Fabric or ribbon

Colored baby sock


Permanent marker

Orange pipe cleaner

2 mini pom poms

What to Do:

1. Fill the foot of a white baby sock with batting. Tie shut just above the ankle with string. Trim off the cuff.

2. Divide the sock ball into body and head by tying a piece of fabric or ribbon, that will be the scarf, around the sock.

3. To make the hat, gather the colored sock at the ankle and tie with a string. Leave enough string for a hanging loop. Cut off the foot. Roll up the edge of the sock like a stocking cap. Glue or sew on the hat.

4. Next, glue or sew on buttons. Draw on the eyes and mouth with a marker. Cut a one-inch piece of orange pipe cleaner and poke it in for the nose. Glue on pom poms. See the finished picture above.