Menorah Stained Glass

What You Need:

Black construction paper

Craft knife (parents only!)

Cellophane or tissue paper


Cheese grater

Old crayons

Waxed paper

Clothes iron (parents only!)



What to Do:

1. Cover the work area with the newspaper.

2. Parents need to cut identical menorah shape and the flames, leaving room between the candlesticks and the flames, from two pieces of black construction paper.

3. Cut a rectangle slightly larger than the menorah with the cellophane or tissue paper. Tape it in place over the menorah.

4. Grate several old crayons then place the shavings between two pieces of waxed paper. Have your parents iron the waxed paper to melt the shavings.

5. Cut out a flame slightly larger than the candle flame on hte construction paper. Glue in place.

6. Glue the second sheet of constuction paper onto the back of the other piece. Let dry.

7. Hang in a sunny window.