Lincoln's Log Cabin

What You Need:

Empty 1/2 pint paper milk carton, rinsed and dried

8"x10" board covered with wax paper

16 ounce container of vanilla or chocolate frosting

1/2 cup shredded coconut, tinted green

Decorations: cheese flavored snack sticks, graham crackers, pretzel sticks, square cheese crackers, and green spearmint candy leaves.

Aluminum foil

What to Do:

1. Cover the milk carton with aluminum foil.

2. Spread one side of the carton with frosting then decorate with cheese sticks so that it looks like a log cabin. Use one section of graham cracker for a door.

3. Frost the top of the milk carton and top with pretzel sticks.

4. Spread frosting onto prepared board then sprinkle with coconut. Arrange cheese crackers for a walkway and make a log pile out of cheese sticks.

5. Construct a small fence from cheese sticks and pretzel sticks, using dabs of frosting to hold them together. Place spearmint leaves in the frosting for trees.