Flower Pressing

What You Need:

Small, brightly colored flowers

Two paper towels

Two heavy books


What to Do:

1. Collect the flowers anytime after the dew has dried. Some good flowers are buttercups, daisies, forget-me-nots, fuchsia, geraniums, baby's breath, lobelia, pansies and ivy.

2. Let the flowers dry for an hour or two.

3. Sandwich the flowers between the paper towels.

4. Press between two heavy books for two to five weeks. The flowers are ready when they feel dry and very thin.


Project Ideas:

Bookmark: Use craft glue to glue the flowers onto a piece of construction paper or decorative paper. Then place it between laminating paper to seal it and cut it to the size you want. Or lay the flowers directly onto one piece of laminating paper then cover with the other and cut it to the size you want.

Journal/Photo Album: Use craft glue to glue the flowers onto the cover of a journal or photo album. Cut out a piece of laminating paper slightly bigger than the cover then cover the flowers, wrapping the extra laminate to the inside cover and seam of the book.

Vase: Use decoupage glue to glue the flowers onto a glass vase that has been cleaned. Cover entire vase with the decoupage glue to seal the flowers. Allow to dry completely. You can also cover the vase with tissue paper first then add the flowers.