Milk Carton Turkey

What You Need:

Half pint milk carton

Construction paper - red, yellow, orange, brown, and black

1/2-inch styrofoam ball

1 1/2-inch styrofoam ball

Small black hat

Yellow pipe cleaner

Brown paint




Paint brush

What to Do:

1. Clean out the milk carton and allow to dry.

2. Glue the brown construction paper to the milk carton, covering it completely.

3. Cut out feathers about three inches long each. Glue these to the back of the milk carton, overlapping them.

4. Paint the styrofoam balls brown. Let dry.

5. Draw a face on the small styrofoam ball.

6. With a toothpick covered in glue, connect the stryofoam balls together. Glue the large styrofoam ball to the carton.

7. With the pipe cleaners make feet for the turkey. When finished push the ends into the large stryofoam ball.

8. Glue the hat in place on the turkey's head.