Lollipop Plants

What You Need:

Small terra cotta flower pot

Acrylic paints

Water-based glaze


Spanish moss


Fun foam - pink or red and green

What to Do:

1. Paint the flower pot and let dry completely.

2. Apply the water-based glaze following the directions on the jar and let dry completely.

3. Place a small piece of styrofoam at the base of the pot and glue in place.

4. Cut out hearts from the fun foam and glue them to the lollipops. Cut out leaves and glue them onto the stick.

5. Place lollipops into styrofoam and cover generously with the Spanish moss.


Christmas: Use small candy canes instead of lollipops.

Flowers: Cut out flowers and use the lollipops as the center of the flower. Glue leaves onto the lollipop stick.

Mother's Day: Glue tissue paper on the outside with instant decoupage glue. Then cut out flowers from fun foam and leaves. Have a parent hot glue them to green pipe cleaners. Take pictures of family members and glue them to the center of the flowers, then stick them into the stryofoam.

Easter: Glue decorated egg shapes onto the lollipops.