What You Need:

Coffee filters



Tape or glue

Red construction paper

Pipe cleaners

What to Do:

1. Decorate the filter with markers. Using a marker draw a face on the clothespin. If you prefer, with the red construction cut a large heart out to use at the wings.

2. Slide the filter or heart in the opening/slit of the clothespin. The filter or heart will be the butterfly's wings. You may want to attach the "wings" with tape or glue.

3. Add the pipe cleaners for antenna.

To simplify the coloring process place washable felt-tip marker dots all over the coffee filter surface, using as many colors as you want. Using the "mist" or "spray" setting on a water spray bottle, wet the filter till the colors start to run together. The drying process may be accelerated with the aid of a blow dryer.